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Photo copyright 2018: Amanda's Pretty Obsessions, a lifestyle & finance blog. www.amandasprettyobsessions.com.


Photo copyright 2018: Amanda's Pretty Obsessions, a lifestyle & finance blog. www.amandasprettyobsessions.com.

My name is Amanda and I am from Long Island, New York. Welcome to my blog! I studied journalism and political science at Stony Brook University, but did absolutely nothing with my degrees. After graduating from college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I was at a complete standstill — I felt so far behind my peers and so lost in my own identity and my own life. So I decided to make a serious investment in my life and started working with an amazing coach, Miss Cassie Parks. That’s when my whole life was completely turned upside down.

I always loved the idea of the Law of Attraction and I became obsessed with it a few years before working with Cassie. I bought every book I could, visited every website, tried out every meditation, but I still couldn’t *really* get it to work. I finally faced my fear of change a few years ago and took a huge leap: I decided to invest in an amazing three-day workshop with Cassie in Denver, Colorado — a far away land that was only ever on my radar because of the foul-mouthed fourth graders on South Park (my favorite tv show).

Over the course of my trip Cassie instructed me to play the role of my future self. I wrote about everything I wanted extensively — and what I really wanted, at the time, was a wonderful career that I loved. A career that would give me the freedom I craved; a career where *I* would be in charge – *I* would be my own boss; and a career where I could really help people and make a difference in their lives. I was so lost at the time and feeling like I had no direction at all in my life, so a true “career” is what I craved.

After three days of moving tons of energy and living as my future self – the version of me who had a beautiful career and amazing purpose in life – I finally arrived back home. I think it was about two days after I got back home that my father approached me about bringing me into his financial practice as an advisor. When I met with my managing partner he literally outlined every single thing that I wrote about over my trip that I wanted out of a career. He explained how I would be my own boss, I would lead my own practice, I could make my own hours … there was absolutely NO cap on the amount of money I could earn and I could seriously change people’s lives for the better. I was FLOORED. Everything that I wanted worked out for me almost exactly as I intended.

Fast forward to the present day: I keep adding to my future life vision every single day and my vision has changed drastically over the last year alone. I am still building an amazing financial practice and guiding women to make empowered financial decisions, but recently I have also decided that I want to coach other women who feel stuck in their lives just like I did. I want to help other women who were in the same boat I was in — loving LOA, but feeling stuck because it’s “not working;” not sure where they want to go in their lives or what they want to do. Women who feel like they don’t have a strong identity (yet). I want to guide other women to master the art of manifesting so that they can lead amazing, fulfilled lives just like I did.

So that’s an overview of my beautiful “career” and what I am doing in my life. This blog is a reflection of that. This is where I post my day-to-day activities; my love of fashion and beauty; my expertise in shopping, planning and organizing; and just about everything else that I love — everything I’m OBSESSED with.

I hope you enjoy your stay and come back to visit again and again. If you want to work with me to achieve your financial goals or have serious breakthroughs in your manifesting, just shoot me an email and we can set up some time to chat.

Sending out strong vibes of LOVE and INSPIRATION!

Photo copyright 2018: Amanda's Pretty Obsessions, a lifestyle & finance blog. www.amandasprettyobsessions.com.

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